Monday, February 01, 2010

JOURNAL: 2nd Shift

Howdy All,
I know... it's been another while since I've posted. Sorry. Been busy. Will try to do better next time.

Anyways, for the month of February, I'm working the second shift during our program's software integration and testing. I'm kind of excited about this change in schedule -- partly because of the sheer novelty of it and partly because I figure that I'll get a lot more blogging done in the morning when I'm the most creative. Still, this arrangement is going to take some adjustment.

I stayed up late last night, and I did like being able to sleep in (woke up at 8:30am). I can go run errands while all of the stores are open (kinda feel like an old person or a housewife in this aspect). But I have do have to give up evening volleyball at the gym this month as well as visits to some TM clubs I'll be supporting next TM year as Area Governor.

Weekends are filling up quickly with opportunities piling up. I'm having to make choices, and I've found that it's not as simple as "first to reserve" -- I have to assign priorities and think of the future. I'm feeling a bit grown up in this aspect.

Back when 2nd shift was only an prospect, I only had trepidation over my sleep schedule... was I suppose to go directly to bed after coming home from work circa midnight? Chances were that I'd be up til at least 3am, waking up late the next morning, and cutting into my housework time.

I'm just going to see how things manage and make the necessary adjustments.

But overall, I'm excited.


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Cedric said...

Yesterday was pretty nice, very productive. And I didn't really notice that I hadn't checked my cell or email for the 9-hour span.

However, this morning I got to the office early to find the equipment 101. And there were too many snippy moments with the natives.

Now, I'm just trying to salvage the rest of today's waking hours.