Wednesday, April 07, 2010

RUN: Wildlife Run (~2 miles) & CR...

When I got home form work, I started back with the sorting of pictures from last weekend. Whilst so, I watched every clip of the cowboys on CBS's TAR video page (I'm definitely rooting for Jet & Cord). And I finally made it to the gym at 9:48pm...

Anyways, looked & sounded like a good evening of vball, but I was there just to see Brad and Susan and see if they were up for anything afterwards. Both had to call it an early night, and I was prepared to go for a little run if that was the case.

I planned to run to the waste water treatment plant and back (~3 miles), but about a mile down Wickham, I came towards a car parked off to the side with its headlights on and pointed directly at something laying in the middle of the road. I ran closer, and my first thought was that it was a hit and run and that the driver was going to come after me next!... but it wasn't.

It was a friggin' Huge ALLIGATOR!!! It was on its back and still intact. When I realized this, I quickly abandoned any urge to complete the run (towards the wetlands/alligator nesting grounds) and ran back towards my car.

By the time I picked up the camera from my house and was back on Wickham, there flashing lights of police cars at the scene, and I decided to just turn back.

Now, for record, I ran with music (Savage Love) and with a Clif Shot between my teeth. I breathed hard through my nose and really opened up the air-passageways. I didn't sprint, but maintaining a steady, deliberate pace... starting slowly and ending with an "in-the-groove" feeling. Not as far as I'd prefer but felt good and was exciting.

When I got home, I decided to try out the whole "Chat Roulette" thing, and sure enough, the first video I saw was of... yeah. Next. I didn't spend much time on there because the whole thing just felt really weird. I felt instantly vulnerable and shallow at the same time -- the quick succession of images on the partner screen, evidence of the superficiality of the times. It was creepy.

Anyways, I have to get to bed. Here's tonight's sweaty Ceddy pics:


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