Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BLOG: Frequency Fail

Okay, so I've measurably failed to meet my goal of two new posts per week. What can I say except that I've been busy. I should know better by now than to make promises I won't pressure myself to keep. That said, last night I agreed to be the test speaker for the Girl Talk Toastmaster's Evaluation Contest a couple weeks from now. I committed to this because I do already have a speech topic in mind... It's just a matter of coming up with the opening, closing, and outline. The working title of the speech is "Super Combo", and I'm intending it to be an entertaining speech about how I followed my desire to work at a movie theater. Opening - something about jobs/experiences you've had an interest in trying. Body - the three areas I got experience working: theaters, box office, and concessions. Closing - no mind-shattering life lessons learned, just the feeling of fulfillment of pursuing an interest. I have two weeks to add some meat to those bones. Endorphins will help with the process and the practicing. My goal is to 1) get through it, 2) not use notes, 3) stay within the 5-7 minute range. Good luck everyone. That's about it for today... I'll try not to lolly-daggle. Until next time. (p.s. - I ran/walked 5.2 miles tonight. [go me!]) :)

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