Sunday, November 05, 2006

EVENT: RJR's Beachside & Timucua

Teresa, my designated driver, and Joel, the gracious host:

Tonight was a gathering at Joel & Co.'s: wine and appretizers, a slideshow of their European trip, then a performance by some musicians from Cirque.

I carpooled with Teresa (awesome new suv). When we got there, there was a massive amount of people in the condo... packed upstairs, so I bailed and hung out downstairs and outside. I didn't really know anyone, and yeah I was getting very anxious. But I did what was best by getting out to the lesser-populated area. Eventually, I did head back up and helped Teresa get the kitchen area cleaned up. And when the band arrived and setup downstairs in the garage, I hung out upstairs where it was quiet.

Yeah, I don't like the big crowds. I did get to meet some cool people though. I wasn't totally anti-social. I doubt that I'll remember anybody's name; and I'm just not going to try... unnecessary stress.

So after getting past first impressions, I did end up having a good time. I didn't get all that many great pictures tonight - the bit of wines that I had made me red pretty quickly, plus I had oily-face... not attractive.

It was nice to catch up with Cynthia and some other people, and now I feel like I made it up to Joel for not making it out to his other events. But overall, it enjoyed spending time with Teresa... and not having to drive ;)

Teresa and me:

Guillermo and the Ladies:

Oh, here's another FOOD PIC! It's Teresa's Cream Cheese and Preserve Appetizer [demolished]:

Okay, time for the Amazing Race then bed.

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