Monday, November 06, 2006

TOP 3: Week of October 30 - November 5, 2006

1. Running Camp: this includes the mile repeats with Greg & Jamie on Tuesday, the intervals with Paul & Jamie on Thursday, and the early-morning Sunday long run with Paul. Running has been keeping me sane. The people are absolutely great -- such dedication and such endorphins. And we've been very evenly-paced, which is a marked improvement/maturity on my part as far as running goes. I've discovered that I'm a kicker. And now I can look forward to breaking some PRs in the upcoming races. I'm putting in the distance for the long runs. I should be putting more days in, but I'm a busy man. And it's been pretty fun keeping my after-work schedule tight. It's a good feeling to know that I'm actually working towards my goals.

2. Orlando Gay Chorus: this was a new experience for me. And attending practice was fun, really fun. It's a diverse group of people, again putting in their own time, money, and effort for a common goal - the gift of music. It was challenging, so there's that sense of accomplishment and development that came with the experience. And I got to meet some interesting people - all so nice. And it's definitely worth the drive each week. It's such a positive outlet for my need to be around the gays. I'm looking forward to attending my second practice this coming Wednesday. And I'm planning on auditioning for the group in January.

3. Gay Skate: I had been waiting two months for this. I was able to use my blades and practiced some new moves. And even though there weren't huge numbers at this event, it Was a social event, and I met some cool people. Also, it was after running mile-intervals, so the endorphin level was high. I presented myself well: confident, happy, fine. So yay to it. Yay to me.

HM. Joel's Beachside Party: this garnered the honorable mention because (again) it was a social event. Instead of bailing out and heading out to Disney without the usual charge to go, I attended this event. First impression was panic attactthereweresomanypeoplethere. But I did take steps to get myself through it... go to the uncrowded areas and chillax. And Teresa was great company. Either way, I did take care of myself and didn't let my social anxiety get the best of me.

(Yeah, my Top 3 tends to be about either running or something gay... go figure. Running camp has been very deserving for several weeks now, but the OGC experience was so nice... I just want to give it a couple more visits before bestowing it the great honor of #1.)

TV Show of the Week: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Song of the Week: "In the Morning" by Junior Boys

Other notable events:
- Package from Cindy: sorry Cindy, you didn't make it to the Top 3 this week; happy belated birthday though.
- Patrick Saving the Evening: getting stuck at work sucked, but it felt good to be rescued and having those extra hours count was kind of awesome.
- Physical Therapy (Mini-Spa Sessions): good because it's a massage, some easy personal training exercises, and a nap; the timing was good because i got a good start on heading out to orlando for ogc practice that night.
- Halloween or the lack-there-of: more blah than yay; there's just no halloween spirit at work.
- Pick-up at Pom Pom's: I actually got to see Pom at the teahouse, yay! they look well, and the food was delicious.
- Cresent Rolls: experimentation is good. And yummy... I'll probably go eat the triangle right now.
- Space Coast Classic 15K: s'okay... wished that I ran, but I did get a number of really good photographs for the memory book... so I was of some use there.

3 comment(s):

Cindy said...

Funny,you left me voicemail on my b-day, but you didn't say "Happy Birthday". Does that count? I thought it did.

Anonymous said...

That sounds lesbian. Guess which part.

Cedric said...

the memory book part? and i don't remember calling... was it a long, rambling message?