Monday, November 06, 2006

JOURNAL: Monday Drink Drink

My goal for today is to drink a gallon of water and eat as much as I can... I'm feeling a bit of a sickness at the back of my throat again... probably because of a lowered immune system from running 14 miles and because of being around friggin' so many people this weekend. I really want to get better soon, otherwise no Orlando this weekend :(. So drink away I will.

UPDATE 9:27AM -- feeling mildly better... needing some guidance with my code, but teammates are not at the office yet. great... not really. If it's not one thing, it's another. Okay, I really shouldn't be bitching. I have it easy compared to a lot of other people. I'm still working on the gallon... maybe a fourth of the way through.

UPDATE 10:33AM -- ran around escorting some movers delivering a shelf and some file cabinets... now I'm a bit musky... ooo attractive. okay, back to work.

UPDATE 11:58AM -- got a new shirt from my old program. It's pretty and it feels good. Got some coding issues cleared up, so progressing with the coding... not so sure about the understanding. Oh well, it's lunchtime! I'm halfway finished with the gallon!

UPDATE 1:30PM -- made significant progress in the coding realm... haven't tried compiling it yet though. I've got my ribs and turkey, beans and potatoes. FOOD! Okay, now I'm needlessly updating this entry for the sake up updating it.

UPDATE 4:02PM -- I can query the database!... now it's a matter of putting all the gears into place. Woo Hoo!... Um, I'll save that for tomorrow. I wasn't able to get the entire gallon through, but I did get about 60% of the way. I feel better though. Yay. Prison Break and Heroes are on tonight!

UPDATE 7:42PM -- yeah, I'm feeling sick. Even though I've been watching my acid intake, I'm totally going to gorge on four oranges. My mouth is going to hate me for it, but I'm friggin' trying to stay okay. Looks like I'm going to have to cancel my plans to head to Orlando on Wednesday... and gut the rest of my schedule. Ugh.

Pee count: 11.

3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I'm drinking too :)

Anonymous said...

ooh. I just re-read. That last part....tmi.

Thank goodness no pictures.

Cedric said...

make that 15.