Thursday, November 23, 2006

EVENT: Thanksgiving w/the New Grads

For Thanksgiving dinner, I made green bean casserole for the second day in a row and drove out to my friends' Jonathan and Jason's place over in Satellite Beach. Also there were Sam and Dolores, John and Jason (#2), and later on, Chad and Dana. It was nice to see everyone again. The food was really good, especially the yams. Afterwards, we put on Clerks 2. By that time I was literally passing out (maybe it was the OTC sinus drugs, or maybe it was because I had been up since 5am), but I just had to lay down for a nap... "nap" = "over an hour". After I woke up, it was time for dessert... banana pudding and pumpkin pie (as Borat would say: "verrry niiice").

Anyways, it is nice to be around others over the holidays.

Here are some of the pictures:

    Thanksgiving Spread

    Fancy Napkins

    Our Hosts

    Group Picture

    The Me, Dolores, and Sam Series

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

My favorite Ced pics so far..
1. Ced & Delores
2. Ced & Sam

Cedric said...

Yay! They both'll be classics. And Sam does put off that Borat-like obliviousness-to-what-is-homo-behavior. Verry Niaahce. Heigh-Five.