Saturday, November 25, 2006

RACE: Space Coast Marathon 5k (volunteering)

This morning, I woke up at 6am to drive over to Cocoa to volunteer for the Space Coast Marathon 5k. I really really wanted to run this race, not only because it'd make for an insane 3 races in 4 days and making it a Real Marathon weekend (10.0 + 3.1 + 13.1 = 26.2), but because it'd be another chance to get a 5k post-HS PR. I would have, and would have gotten third overall (but that's getting ahead of myself).

It was another beautiful morning. And being [indian] river-side made the weekend a little more special as you can see:
It was the perfect hand-holding, side-cuddle opportunity. Not so much an awwww/:(, but and awww/:) since I had Stitch-on-tow and my friend Kara was also up early that morning to volunteer. A random and "very eager/enthusiastic" walker woman took our picture (nice framing!):
There were only 49 people running (26 women, 23 men). And a repeat of my last 5K (XC) performance would've garnered 3rd male overall... but it's okay. I've found my peace. I did take a lot of pictures... already posted on my fotki page (link) along with some other recent pictures.

I managed to get a few good pictures of people that I know (running and/or volunteering). I've already printed some out to give to them at tomorrow's big event. Here are just a few of those:

     Carol! and her daughter!
Yeah... they're all women. I know mostly women. Not sure why this is.

Anyways, the speaker for the pre-race pasta dinner is a writer for Runner's World magazine and the "creator" of the Yasso 800, Mr. Bart Yasso. Here he is receiving his 5k award from the race director, Denise:

This morning I just directed runners to continue running straight... I mean forward. It was an out-an-back course. No big surprises. I just wasn't sure what I was supposed to do about directing cars. And that was sort-of interesting. Half of the cars were nice and turned onto a side street as I subtly suggested, while the other half were split between the hell-with-you-it's-my-road-and-i'm-going-to-speed-and-sneer (who I wished harm upon) and the rambling-confused-complaining-resilient type (who I could do nothing but advise to drive slowly and waved through). Those riverside residence are a mixed bag.

Anyways, it was a nice hair morning -- example:-- so all was pretty well. I had fun chatting with Kara and Sue. And I felt like I made a contribution to the weekend's SCR events.

It's actually 9:03pm at the moment, and I'm going to get a quick haircut and shower in before my quick pre-sleep, pre-race blog entry. So say good bye to some of this hair (faux-hawk? ready-or-not?...).

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