Saturday, November 25, 2006

JOURNAL: Pre-Race, Pre-Sleep Haircut Entry

Okay, so I'm gently hyped for tomorrow's race. I'm aiming for a sub-1:35, but if not, hoping for at least a sub-1:40. Either way, I've still got the OUC half next Saturday... (note: Saturday, not Sunday... been meaning to remind you, "anonymous reader", but have been consistently forgetting to let you know...).

Anyways, after completing the last blog, I did manage to give myself a haircut. All started well, but I couldn't figure out how to do the back of my head. I almost had an awesome awesome haircut but ended up with my plan b which I'm not all too wild about anymore, but it'll have to make do so that there'll still be something someone could run his fingers through... I mean it hypothetically... (okay, maybe that was tmi, congrats).

Anyways, I hope that I'm fueled enough for the race... I'll be making sure that I have my gels for the race tomorrow... then afterwards, I think it's going to be more rest rest rest.

Okay, gotta bed now. Pictures of the new haircut will be available tomorrow... oh, the suspense!

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