Sunday, November 26, 2006

RACE: Space Coast Half-Marathon

This morning, I ran the Space Coast Half-Marathon at Riverfront Park in Cocoa, FL.

I didn't get sub-1:35. I didn't get a PR. But it's okay, because I have a story... not so much a story... more a "I ran off the path, stepped into a water meter box without a cover and my shoe flew off". Yeah, I just laid on the ground for a couple seconds, laughed, then super-kicked the last 200 meters.

(Thanks for the picture Kelly!)

(Thanks for the picture Fiona!)

(Thanks for the picture Barry!)
This is all after a couple miles of walk-then-running. I had exhausted myself in the middle section of the race trying to up the pace on John, a fellow age-group competitor. He didn't. And he continued on to get a 1:34:38 and get third in our division. Good for him. :)

I had started the race with Bob, a friend I hadn't seen since the spring's Tiger Dash at Wickham Park. Our times for the 2006 Disney Marathon were within a second of each other, though we did not run together (an interesting coincidence). Anyways, he was going for a 1:37, so we ran together starting the first couple miles at 7:30 pace. We slowly crept up our pace, but in the end, after being unable to shake off John, it was too much for me, but I urged Bob to continue on, and he ended up getting 3rd in his age group. So good for him too.

Anyways, I don't know what else to write about the event. My mind is fried. So here are more photos:

     Causeway that was in-view

     Auditorium, pre-crowds

     Starting Line

     Me, post-race

     Michelle, miss photogenic

     Some random guy who, from this angle, looks naked

     Scott, tired

     Up & Running Racing Team, some of

     Running Zone Racing Team, some of

     My Race Number

     My Finisher's Medal

     Me and "My Award" (yeah, it's totally not Michelle's award)

Okay... five hours later... this blog is done. OMG I need some alcohol.

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Cedric said...

If it wasn't for Barry's photo, I could almost've said that I ran a 1:31:03... would've been sweet.