Monday, November 27, 2006

TOP 3: Week of November 20-26, 2006

1. Disney Friday: two meals on one tray, taking a slow stroll down a path with someone special (no rush), exploring and rediscovering places... (this event is atf). the day involved visiting a friend at a disney office, a visit to studios to ride the tower of terror and to scavenger hunt the prop shop for an AP lithograph, followed by "just lunch" at the riverside mill at the port orleans resort. i made it back to melbourne mid-afternoon and promptly passed out for a couple hours. exhausted. smiling.

2. Deland Thanksgiving Ten-Miler: third time makes a tradition. ran with scott again, but also too off to get a PR, and with a figgin' incredible negative split (8:00 for miles 1&2, 7:00 for 3-5, 6:40 for 6-10). i was sociable and although my hair was mega-poofy, i had a good time and had a nice drive to-and-from (no road raging!)

3. Toyota Dealership, Gas Cap: this was a less-showy event that happened this week that i have to appreciate. it's proof that i'm trying to take care of my car. granted, it probably needs its belts checked and brake pads replace, but that's for another time. i just thought that it was cool that the dealership was also selling the trunk cargo net that I already have and some window shades that i'm not sure if i want. anyways, otherwise, this week's top 3 would've been all weekend-spectacular events... and we can't have that. mid-week representin'.

HM. Space Coast Half-Marathon: the SCHM has to get mention because of the near-PR effort and the seeing everyone and meeting a couple new people. hopefully, i've learned a couple things that'll help me reach that goal for this upcoming weekend's OUC half (e.g. pre-race pasta dinner = bad). anyways, the photo-sharing by all afterwards was really awesome... i love fiona's picture of me at the finish! and bart yasso was an awesome guest -- his presentation at the pre-race dinner was absolutely intriguing. great job by don and denise, the race directors.

TV Show: Grey's Anatomy on ABC
Song of the Week: "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on NPR (not really a song, but it was the best audio of the week nonetheless).

Other notable events:
- Phone Calls
- Cool Running
- 3-Day Holiday Work Week
- HFMC Physical
- "Rocket To The Moon" by Jim Brickman
- Sonic Burgers
- Green Bean Casserole, twice
- Sinus Migraine/Staying Home
- Thanksgiving at Jason & Jonathans
- Volunteering at the 5K
- back to the faux hawk
- Bob, Scott, J.W.
- Photo Exchange

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