Monday, November 27, 2006

RUN: ~4 miles @ ~9:30 pace

Tonight was an easy easy run to loosen up my legs and also to continue to break in my new pair of shoes... a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I've run with them before, so that was an easy choice.

Anyways, it was a semi-late night run, and it was a touch on the cool side. I wore my Bulldogs sweatshirt and a pair of wind-breaker pants. I knew I wasn't going to be running very fast, so I went with the pile-on-the-clothes approach, and at a slow but steady pace, I managed a really good sweat.

I ran from home to the Avenue, where I did one loop around the large inner circle, and on the way back I stopped on the sidewalk near Wal-Mart and took a short stretch break to be sure I get my IT band. The last thing I want is for it to tighten back up.

Anyways, I had my blinking safety light on my waistband and my iRiver on my arm (Casino Night mix), and it was a good run. I would have added another mile, but I didn't want to push myself too much tonight since I have practice tomorrow.

Okay, here's are the pictures:

     The Shoes

     And The Guy Who Ran Tonight

Okay, time to shower and then make wontons (not a euphemism for anything... I'm talking actual wontons... FOOD PICS to come!)

UPDATE: too late to make a wal-mart run... too hungry... so it's rice and tyson chicken tonight. wontons and food pics tomorrow.

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