Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RUN: 5.21 miles @45:xx

It was another nice running night. It was faster than last night's super-slog. Tonight was at just-under 9:00 pace, so yesterday was probably more in the lower-mid 10:xx. Anyways, it was dark, it was wet, and it was pretty few with runners... I guess many were recovering from the race on Sunday and/or from Thanksgiving travel.

I was a little late getting out of work, but was feeling okay. I still feel a little something in the throat, but I'm drinking a lot of water, as the doctor ordered this morning, to flush out the barium used to examine my Upper GI -- it's fine: no acid reflux. Blood test results should be in by next week.

I drove right into the BCC parking lot, got out, and started the easy run with John G, and we then met/caught-up with John D and Loran. We were just running easy-pace, talking about training and about the ROY series (there's still the chance for me to get third in my age group: hope is not lost!). Loran was done with his 4 miles at our 2 miles, so it was just me and the Johns. They were great to run with because I got to hear about how they got into running. And that's the thing about running, we all come from different backgrounds, and it's amazing how we each come about discovering this encouraging activity. It's addictive and the good feelings are reinforced because running's something people do because of passion, not obligation.

The fifth mile flew by quickly, and I talked with JG afterwards as we stretched, and some of the stuff he shared with me is making me take another look at my current situation (I can't be specific here). He's a great guy, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for him... very detail oriented, adventurous, and passionate about whatever he puts his mind into. And I found out tonight that one of the guys I talked to after the race on Sunday is his son. All I have to say is that this guy has some amazing genes.

He invited me to go wake-boarding with him and some friends one of these weekends. I would love to take him up on this offer (as well as his offer to go shooting and I want to go sky-diving... (friggin' high-adventure, adrenaline junkie material here!))... the only question is time. I have to sit down an plot out the upcoming weekends -- races, traveling, cuddling-time... (did I just type that?)... as well as regular house-maintenance, which I've been slacking-off majorly with... I just want to have fun. I need some self-discipline.

Speaking of which, I've got to get to those wontons. I stopped by Melbourne's own "Gay Publix" (i.e. Publix), and bought a lot of [frozen] food. And I got the eggs! So wontons, here I come.

Oh, but I've gotta post some pictures. Tonight I wore my lime-green nike sleeveless with my grey nike crack-pocket shorts, my up-and-running long-sleeve jacket, and my new shoes, which actually may already be useable for this Saturday's race. Yeah, and I got all good and sweaty. What a nice practice! 2 for 2 this week :)

     Me, before running (notice that I'm still wearing my badge from work. I didn't)

     Me, enjoying the endorphins after the run

     The Obligatory Kichen Photo

     The Pretend-I-Accidently-Took-A-Picture-Of-Me-Setting-Up-The-Camera-But-Really-Just-Another-Shameless-Picture-Of-Me-Looking-Good Picture...


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