Tuesday, November 14, 2006

JOURNAL: Office Lotto Pool

Finally, some spirit around this here office. All it took was a $30 million lottery.

I support people getting excited. I am pro-excitement. So when (whoever) came by with a notepad and a fist full of money, I was in. And it only cost Five Dallah.

When we win, I'm going to see if I could retire and live off the interest. Of course I'd give back to the community -- to the local running club for all of their support, and to the local LGBT community center tohelp them start up. I would also be sure that my parents and family are taken care of, but as for my hometown in SC? They voted friggin' 84% for banning same-sex message, and I don't support bigotry. And as mom would say, "That'd be whack". Seriously.

But I'm counting my chickens before they hatch. I remembered being warned against that when I was in 2nd grade while playing kickball and my team was in the outfield chanting the typical "Easy out, easy out". The pop-fly bounced off my chest. I felt dumb. Oh well.

I'd first go buy some new shoes. Some $300 shoes... omg, shoes.

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