Wednesday, November 01, 2006

JOURNAL: The Proverbial Lemon

Right now I'm thinking about the things life has dealt me, both good and bad, and gathering thoughts about how each has contributed to the person I am today.

Appreciation, Celebration, Kudos

Positive-thinking, Lemonade, Silver-lining

There's always the pursuit to be good, but it's those special hopes that makes me want to become a better honest man.

Trials and Risks. Time and Patience. Love and Companionship.

Control. Preparation. Conviction.

And now there's a chance for me to reinforce my ideals and face another one of those difficult moments that can define a man. Flawed and all, I have to do what's right.

I'm doing the best that I can and can only think about the best that I can do. Like Hedwig said, "it's what I've got to work with," (except we're not talking about the same thing).

Communication is key. I know that. We all know what the answer is when we ask the questions... it just takes some time and courage to accept it. Communication is key.

I have to have faith and discipline. And realize that passions and other emotions can manifest in many forms. We're all working towards something real, substantial, and good.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa. That's deep.

Less thinking. More drama. We like (to read about) drama.

...and pictures of food.