Sunday, November 12, 2006

JOURNAL: A Visit from Irene and Masayo

First of all, Congratulations on finding my blog (you know who you are). That said...

Saturday night, Irene and Masayo, a couple friends from Gay Days 2005 and who had flown down from DC for the weekend, came over for the night. It was a bit all-of-a-sudden, but I was glad that I was able to accomodate. We talked and caught each other up on our dramas then went to bed around midnight.

6am Sunday morning. Left the ladies at the house while I went out for my Sunday Long Run, which was the seven with Paul with an added bonus loop. On the way home, I stopped by Publix on the way back for some fresh food for lunch (FOOD PICs!):

(and for whatever reason, Irene believed it more appropriate to stand my food up on its end whenever possible)

Their visit was just like the visit from mom or one of my visits to my older sister's... we watched the entire friggin' season of Heroes so far - all seven episodes (well, I passed out tired for an episode and a half, and that counted as my nap).

And all the while, we ate and ate and ate.

(It was like when my little sister comes to visit.)

Anyways, they left in the afternoon to meet up with some more friends in Orlando before heading back up to DC, and here are some really nice pictures of us in each of the pairings:

Irene and MasayoMe and MasayoMe and IreneMe and Irene playing grab-ass
It was really nice seeing them again and to have someone to talk with about my current drama who could relate. After they left, I was alone with my thoughts and I... just had to get distracted. So I pretty much drove immediately to the local Rave and went to go see a movie: the Nightmare Before Christmas (in 3D). It was okay... didn't care so much for the music, but I was able to cross one off my list of movies to see. I did like the novelty of having 3-D glasses:
(yeah, that's being a little too over-excited about the glasses... and the Virgin Mobile thumb-sweatbands or whatever those are supposed to be)

Oh well, I look good in the pictures today... heck, this entire weekend, so major Yay to that.

Okay, time for bed. Hopefully I'll either catch up on sleep tonight or to get an early start on the 6-day work week.

And just because I don't know where else to put it, here is a picture of the Orlando Gay Chorus performing at yesterday's Festival of Trees event in Orlando:

Come to think about it, I really should've taken pictures of some of the trees at the festival...

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