Monday, November 13, 2006

TOP 3: Week of November 6-12, 2006

1. BANDANAS for keeping my hair down: good hair days mean a lot.

2. ORLANDO FESTIVAL OF TREES for the christmas feeling: the sights, the sounds, the smells...

3. ENERGIZE FOR LIFE XC 5K for the kicking results: strategy = 1+ min improvement & my first age-group win of the season.

TV Show of the Week: heroes

Song of the Week: "one-trick pony" by nelly furtado

Other notable events:
- the election and voting (the democrats wins both the house and the senate!)
- sick wednesday running (nice dark sweaty run down the empty arm of the roundabout)
- five loads of laundry (git'er done)
- mysql task (interesting work)
- toastmasters, joining (potential work perf. improvements; guaranteed smiling faces)
- eye doctor/productive break (justified mid-day out-of-office & didn't have to take sick leave)
- graduating from physical therapy (going to miss the mini-spa sessions, but no more worrying about making up the time)
- sick sick sick (sucked to feel under the weather, but managed to get through it this time without a trip to the doctor)
- piano playing (really should be doing this more)
- less tv then tv marathon (not a lot of shows worth watching but a couple worth watching over and over and over...)
- meeting with Lisa (the exciting prospect of becoming a mentor... of being of use to the community)
- sunday run (i still can't believe i woke up for it)
- visit from irene and masayo (surprise slumber party)
- heroes marathon (heroes overload?)

Commentary: I know, this week Top 3 blog looks skeletal, but there just isn't more to elaborate on. So, to make it up to y'all, I've included an "exclusive" pic with each Top choice and added embedded media for the TV Show/Song of the Week -- for the Heroes clip, I wanted but couldn't find one of Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) walking into the Diner shirtless and smiling... instead, the clip of him shirtless and flying's will have to do.

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