Thursday, November 09, 2006

RUN: 10x 440 @1:31 w/ 2min or 220 jog recovery

Tonight, we ran ten quarter-miles at Tuesday's half-mile time divided by two minus ten. I just ran with the group: Paul, John, Jamie, Kyle, and Dylan. We were hitting them at 1:27-1:33 with me towards the latter.

I was wearing my knee strap band on my right because of the recent pains. I mentioned it to Doug after practice, and he said that it's from not stretching enough (bringing my leg across my body, stretching the IT band) and that my leg wasn't allowing my knee to track (i.e. land) at the proper alignment. Makes sense... so I'm going to stretch it tonight.

Anwyays, it was chilly tonight. Clear night. Just chilly. I ran the last one at 1:13... I wasn't planning on running the last one all out, but I felt encouraged by John to go for it. I don't have much problem pushing my body. Especially now that I'm embracing my kicker-ish-ness.

Well, after practice, I stopped by the library to return media. I picked up Nelly Furtado's Folklore CD... "One Trick Pony": yay! It's one of those songs that I just can't help but dance to. It's officially in the running for Song of the Week.

Then after that, I stopped by Walgreens for more toothpaste. I use the Rembrandt brand that doesn't contain the SLS ingredients which irritates the inside of my mouth and that all other toothpastes have. Expensive, but hey... I know that I want it... and I actually make it to the end of that tube. Also at Walgreen, I found my older sister's Christmas presents... they're adorable. And I found something that I was thinking about getting mom:

But the price for that is a bit on the frivolous side. How much would You pay for that?

Anyways, after that I stopped to fill up my tank before gas prices goes up -- because the Democrats won and the gas prices are going to go up, -- then Wal-Mart to pick up some more AXE Unlimited deodorant (it friggin' works!):

then Asian Wok for some dinner (Seafood Delight):

And now... nothing so much. It's already 11 friggin' o'clock. I still have a Grey's to watch. I could stretch and fold laundry during... I hope tomorrow makes for a good free day.

I'm meeting with a local parent of a gay teen to discuss what each of us are thinking/expecting as far as becoming a mentor goes. We're all new to this, and I really don't know what to expect. Maybe I should've tried out with the official Big Brothers/Big Sisters program first... I'm going to give it a try though. I could reflect on what I would've liked if I had been brave or socially-conscious enough to come out in high school.

Anyways, gotta progress towards sleep. G'night.

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