Thursday, November 09, 2006

JOURNAL: Go West, Young Man

Five more hours until the weekend... probably not the best way to frame today's workday, but it's definitely needed. I didn't get to bed until late last night - from exercising in the evening and the late dinner and the laundry, oh the laundry... which still needs folding...

So I got breakfast at McD's this morning (couple of sausage mcmuffins and a sausage biscuit) and I just got back from a 25-minute nap in the car... so that's one-hour off the two-and-a-half I was ahead for the week.

My knee's bothering me greatly again, and I'm considering taking tonight off, or else, very very very easy. Tomorrow'll be a rest day. Maybe head to Disney after meeting with a local parent of a gay teen to discuss activities to boost her son's morale. Though past that stage, Disney can still give a boost to my morale. I do have a Universal ticket I need to use by the end of the year... so maybe... (oh, I don't like decisions).

Anyways, the title of this entry is "Go West, Young Man" because Arizona's looking pretty good right now for not passing the Same-Sex Marriage Ban Amendment on this past Tuesday's Midterm Elections; it's the only state that didn't pass the ban. South Carolina, not unexpectedly, passed the bill: it did so with 78%. And in my hometown of Anderson, the measure passed with a whopping 84% of the vote. That makes me sad. Very sad. I can't go back home. Unless I regain the feeling of inevitable non-companionship, in which I would probably go back and become an activist for equal rights... but that'd be talking to deaf ears. :(

So it's "Go West" if I need hope. Granted, the Northeast is a thriving mecca for liberal policies and practices, I'm amazed by the signals as to where I can be drawn to next. Or I could head up to Maryland who now has McBiceps for Governor. Yay O'Malley!

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Anonymous said...

Yo, those biceps are hot? where'd you find that pic?

Cedric said...

I super-imposed his face onto my body. And his shirt really says "Cedric Fury". Oh, the power of Photoshop.