Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RUN: 2 miles @ ?:?? & 6:17

Home <--> Wal-Mart side.

This is after a fine day at work... actually was quite estudious -- reading up on mysql binary log files and communicating well with co-workers. I also put down quite the amount of liquids today.

Oh, this morning on the way to work there was a 4-mile backup on I-95 because of a crash at the Eau Gaullie exit ramp... it was nothing and not worth the commotion, but it set a good pace for the day. I got a couple snaps of the backup:

And here are a couple of inappropriate car photos from the same commute:

     One-Squinty-Eye & Mr. Chubby-Face

Anyways, so work was good. I then headed out to the monthly TLR of Brevard meeting, which honestly I could have skipped. The officers are dedicated, but again, I think we need some variety and a charismatic spokesperson. This was the second meeting in which I had to sit through an uncomfortable marketing presentation... thirty minutes. Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes! *head in hands*

Okay, now that I have that out of my system...

I left the meeting feeling confused and conflicted once again.... a bit off-kilter because it was the first time in a long time that I've seen my partnered-in-Melbourne crush, and I can't say that I was entirely over it. (What is it about these unavailable-older-men-who-can-wear-camou-shorts?!) But honestly, there's not going to be any trouble there because I already have someone I care a lot about, and I wouldn't give him up for anything right now.

And on this note, here's my confliction. I think that tonight I was sending out majorly-wrong vibes tonight to someone that I think only of as a friend. I feel kind rotten for not setting him straight when I realized too late that I was being mis-interpreted. Frick.

So I had to run, and run I did. 2 miles. The first mile, I ran semi-conservatively (guessing 8:00 pace); the second mile I timed at 6:17. My legs are back.

Anyways, I ran with my psychedelic shorts and long-sleeved TLH XC shirt... still breaking in the [ultra-squeeky] Adrenalines. Here's the one half-decent pictures of post-run sweaty-me:

I miss my guy. I know that he's going to enjoy his extended-and-out-of-town weekend. I'm just going to try to occupy myself with work and running in the meantime.

It's just past 11:30pm. Is it too late to eat?

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Whee! Doggies on youtube!

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