Thursday, November 30, 2006

RUN: 5.21 miles @ 9:30pace->7:30pace(?)

Today at work was a pretty good for a mid-weekday. I'm still infatuated with the mysql binary files, though I haven't done any real testing yet. I'm afraid of messing up the system and not remembering what steps I took to get it there. I know that great accomplishments (and even good ones) involve taking risks. Tomorrow, I shall be bold!

Anyways, I've noticed a couple things I realized during today's self-picture-taking (inappropriate car shots, as usual):

     1) I look good in shades.

     2) Dirty glasses make it look like I've already ran

Tonight, my friend Herb from Orlando was in the Melbourne area, so I invited him over to practice - there weren't a whole lot of people out tonight: me, Herb, David, JG, Jim, Michelle, Susie, Greg, and Kyle. It was probably because most people have completed their target race, plus the fact that it was dark and rainy. Anyways, I ran with JG & Herb -- three together, then JG and I went another mile, then I ran the last one by alone. Tomorrow's definitely a rest day. It was a fine run... not so much training as maintaining. 16 1/2 miles so far for the week... pretty good. I'm happy.

Okay, here are the kitchen photos:

Anyways, Herb and I cleaned up at my place then he took me out for dinner. I had coupon! We went to Doc Green's over at the Avenue:

     I had the Dr. Beeks (field greens, cranraisins, feta cheese, candied walnuts, raspberry vinegarette)

(the cup says "Healthy As You Wanna Be"... once I got home, I finished up the rest of the ice cream in the freezer)

     While Herb had the Dr. Doctor (romaine, parmesan cheese, croutons, caesar dressing)

(that salad... the one right there... the one that Herb's pointing to...)

It was nice. We talked out the running club in Orlando and about guys (of course).

Speaking of which... Herb's available for y'all out there in Orlando. Must be healthy, smart, and friendly [for the most part],... and single.

(hey, what kind of Asian would I be if I didn't try to play match-maker?)

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Anonymous said...

Um, you think you look good in shades :)