Friday, December 01, 2006

JOURNAL: Maladies

I'm feeling under-the-weather again. My legs are very sore from the five-days-in-a-row of running, and salads aren't my friend (I should've known better... stick with the processed foods). Anyways, add this to the fact that my sick co-workers still show up at work even though they have hacking coughs. It's the Perfect Storm to my ship called Immunity. And Purell can only do so much.

So currently my stomach isn't feeling good and my throat's still much a bother. The forecast for Orlando tomorrow morning is rain, so tomorrow's OUC half will just be an easy, long run: I will not racing. I did get a PR in the 10-miler this season, so that's enough for me. Right now, my body's really tired.

I'm considering taking the PM off to rest and to avoid the hacking-cough people. :(

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