Friday, December 01, 2006

JOURNAL: The [Drama] Queen, Stranger Than Most

Okay, so it's early afternoon, and what a difference a good meal makes.

I recruited a friend to head over to Downtown Produce for a pick-up lunch. It was Seafood buffet day, and I got the fried shrimp, some sort of fried fish, some sort of baked fish, and coleslaw. I also got a small side of their clam chowder, and because it's Friday and stable work-week, a Mango Madness smoothie with protein powder (doing my body good). Had I not forgotten the memory card, there'd be a picture of the delightfully thick smoothie, but alas, y'all must use your imaginations.

Yeah, I'm feeling like I've been the drama queen this morning... though I really was feeling some physical pains...

So a couple more hours in the office before the weekend begins... MUST RELAX! It's going to be a quick and busy weekend with the OUC half on Saturday then the Vero Beach PFLAG picnic (driving down with some other interested locals) on Sunday (+ a visit to the Jockey Outlet -- new underwear!!!).

So lots of photo-ops, though I'm feeling like the Stranger Than Fiction Guy -- except instead of him hearing someone narrate his life, I feel like everyone can hear myself narrate my life. Granted, my obsessive-to-the-point-of-blah blogging is my own doing.

The rational/responsible side of me is thinking that a mandatory blog-holiday is needed to regain some grounding... but the photo-obsessed, fishing-for-compliments (but-not-knowing-how-to-receive-compliments-from-those-more-obsessed-with-my-photos-than-i-am) side of me wants to keep going.

I do need a distraction while my distraction is out of town... 60 miles, 1100 miles... what's the difference? I miss him.

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