Saturday, December 02, 2006

RACE: OUC Half-Marathon, Orlando, FL @ 1:45:18

Yesterday morning I headed out to Downtown Orlando for the OUC Half-Marathon. I had woken up at 5:20am but didn't get out the door until 6:00am, so I was sort-of rushing to make it to the race. Because of my incredible driving skills, I made it to downtown in 55 minutes (including one "let's park here and try running to Lake Eola only to find out that it was still miles away so I reparked"). I ran to and from and to the race start, and made it with five minutes to spare. I used the five minutes to wait in line for the port-a-lets where I changed to "get rid of more clothing"... tmi? only if you use your imagination.

Anyways, the race course was different from last year, and for some reason I just didn't care for it this year. Maybe it was because I'm more familiar with the area and I couldn't be "naive" to where we were. *shrug*.

I started too quickly, running the first couple miles at 7:20 pace, and after a couple weeks of hard running and the fact that it was pretty warm and quite humid (moreso than last year), I knew at mile 7 that there was no way I was going to get a PR, and decided to just enjoy the rest of the race.

And so from there, I ran, I walked, I ran-walked... looking ever-so forward to the water stations. And managing to pet a doggie along the way. I also partook of one of the on-course med stations to get some anti-chaffing ointment (gotta take care of yourself). Anyways...

At mile 12 (Central Ave), I found my "carrot" from the start of the race, and we ran to the finish on Robinson together (no pictures of the said-carrot until the "official" race photos are processed). Sometimes it's not about the time but having a good time. :)

Anyways, after the race, I went back to my car to get the camera because I just had to get some photos:

I got back to the lake and met up with the Orlando Front Runners and my friend Herb, who ran the 5k and got 2nd in his age division (congrats!). Here I am with Herb (I'm pointing to the beer ticket):

And then he took a "Yatta!" picture of me:

Anyways, there were a lot of pretty guys at the event, and as shameless as I am, I couldn't get myself to take pictures of them. Thankfully, there was no trouble finding others who had no problem (as long as I send them the photos... so thank you OFRW Scott):

After that, I managed to get out of my shell and ask for pictures of/with random people:

     Grass Skirt Lady

     The Mullets and Me

I saw the Mullets last year, so it was cool to see them out again; they said that it was their third year running it, though this year they chose to run only the 5K. That race finished well over an hour before I met these guys, so many of them had already headed home -- on the other hand, the two pictured have been drinking ever since. They were a lot of fun!

     Bonus Mullet Photo
(I love those shorts!)

Anyways, after my trip to the Beer Garden, I headed to Pinera's to meet up with Herb, Eric, and their friends. There, I met Jonathan, Jason, and Jackie. Jason and Jackie had to leave, but Herb, Eric, Jonathan and I stayed there for another... um... a long time -- taking pictures, playing with cups and dowels, and being generally inappropriate... it was great! And it was what I really needed this weekend. So thank you to everyone involved. Until next weekend!

     Eric and Me, being monkeys

     Me and Jonathan, eating our medals...

     then trying to make Eric eat it

     Fun with Sleeves

     My Race Number

     My Finisher's Medal

UPDATE: Photos from the race! (And they turned out really good and/or funny!)


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Anonymous said...

Your friends look really fun to hang out with! I'll have to post pics of the bush from the anonymous festival.

Cedric said...

Now I've gotta see this fun-to-hang-out-with bush!