Monday, December 11, 2006

JOURNAL: 5-Minute Blaaahg.

I have five minutes before I'm heading out the door from work. It's been a mixed bag sort of day... more pretty-good to not-pretty-good-but-also-not-very-bad. I'm being both motivated and dismotivated which is a very odd feeling... not like the good feeling of having some chilly air blow in an open car window while the heater's going.

I don't know. I'm feeling confused and conflicted again (yeah... it's that time of the week already). I'm having a difficult time planning for the future and avoiding troubling thoughts of empathy... a mix of desire and reality that doesn't have a resolution.

Now, I'm heading out from work, up to Cocoa for a running club board meeting. Hopefully that'll get my mind off of things. I'm feeling a Keith Urban moment coming on...

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