Monday, December 04, 2006

JOURNAL: Another Rest Day

No running today. Gotta give the legs its well-deserved rest. My body's needing a lot of work lately -- my throat's feeling better, but now something else is being a bother. If it's not one thing...

(so frick.)
Oh well, I have a lot of work to get accomplished at work this week, so I may take an extended break from running, but I can't slack off too much given that the fifth SCR ROY race is this Saturday and the Goofy is a month away(!!!).

Gotta keep the motivation levels.

UPDATE (3:14PM... time for PI!)
So I've been testing code and feeling productive. I have something to look forward to tomorrow, so I'm feeling a bit motivated by giddiness. :) U.G.L.Y, I'm gonna have an alibi U-Betty! U-U-U-Betty! (OMG, I'm so embarassed for typing that impromptu cheer)... oh well. Now you know what goes through my head...

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