Thursday, December 07, 2006

JOURNAL: It's not an original, it's Pier1, but still... what a deal!

You know that painting I won in the silent auction a couple weeks ago? I was driving around to craft stores looking for picture frames when I passed a Pier1, and what did I see in the window? I totally had to pull over and check it out.

Yup. Same painting:

I felt kind of duped for thinking that it was an original piece, but on the other hand... Original price: $300 / Sale price: $199... what a deal! I just need to hang it up.

Anyways, so yeah... so it's not as special as I had thought, but it still has good-memories value and it's pretty -- camel-wall appropriate.

Work's been going well today... just had lunch with my friend Emily at the 905 Cafe in Downtown. She's a independent woman. She's also so busy -- with theatre stuff and with traveling, which is awesome. So when we both manage some time to hang out, it's always nice. She's a really good friend, and I appreciate how real and loving she is. :)

Okay, it's back to work time. Practice is tonight... just an "easy" 4-5 miles. I'm also probably going to go back to the office for an hour or so to make up for coming in a little late and for the extended lunch (I wanted my Emily-time!). Then it's DAK tomorrow and lunch with my medal-friend.

The Christmas tree is still undecorated, but there's no rush.

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Anonymous said...

What?!? No date update?

I guess you paid less than $199 for the art. It's still cool.

Cedric said...

It's Thursday, December 07, 2006.

Anonymous said...