Wednesday, December 06, 2006

JOURNAL: Wednesday is better than Tuesday...

... especially when Wednesday is virtual-Thurdsay.

Work's been good so far this morning. I think it's because I had good interactions with my boss as far as getting feedback, plus the code's been behaving so far. Changes almost all implemented... feeling like I've got somewhat of a grasp on things here. (Yay! *mini-dance*).

Today's another rest-day, and I'm looking forward to some good company tonight. Again giddy.

Oooo... on the way out of the neighborhood this morning, I spotted a group of Ibis birds in front of some Christmas decorations. I'll post the picture once I get home. Animal pics!

The 3:00PM Update:
     Coding's still going pretty good. The team got together in ordering Chinese food for lunch -- so that was encouraging. Plus there's some other foods on Nga's "grazing table" for those who love to eat (!!!). The fact that I'm actually coding is motivating enough. So yay! Two more... I mean two-and-a-half more hours to go. Then I'm heading home to mow the lawn (yeah, who am I kidding?).

The 4:18PM Update:
     One more hour! One more hour! Well, it's been a good coding day, so I guess I could be writing: Only one more hour... :( :( :( <- mega mega sad. But I'm going to look on the positive side, which is GOING HOME! :) Nothing so much else new around here (good), so yay.

The 8:19PM Update:
     Okay, so I'm home and my date will be here in another hour or so. Yeah, it's one of those late night date. Totally just watching tv and eating Chinese food. It feels like there's just so much to do before he gets here!!! Anyways, just wanted to post some pics from this morning, then it's back running around headless.

Good Night!

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