Tuesday, December 12, 2006

JOURNAL: Online Quickie

Okay, just wanted to make a quick post. All is well in work-land. Very busy, and probably won't be able to update today until way late (past 10pm EST, but by then, I'd be way tired, but still trying to chug along on the way lots of work I have to way do).

I did get a picture of my fancy coffee from RaceTrac... gas station coffee, but it was REALLY good. It was an iced caramel-toffee coffee with caramel drizzle on top. YUM!... and I have a few more Free Fancy Coffee coupons in the car!... it wouldn't've been very expensive anyways... still at least half the price of Starbucks which would more likely give you real milk instead of Lactaid or soy.

Anyways, really back to work, then to the Cocoa Beach get-together.

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