Saturday, December 09, 2006

RACE: Reindeer Run 5K, Cape Canaveral, FL @ 22:??

Okay, I've really gotta limit the number of photos I add to these friggin' entry.
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Anyways, the 11th annual Reindeer Run in Cape Canaveral started at 8:30am, which was wonderful since it's friggin' chilly in the mornings here and because I didn't get to bed until way past when I should've. Here's a pic of the sun this morning while I crossed the 420 causeway:My right calf had been hurting since Thursday afternoon, and I haven't put in more than 3 1/2 miles of running for the week so far and thought it best not to "race" this morning because the last thing I'd want is to be hurt for January's Goofy.

So I wore my hooded bulldogs sweatshirt and carried my camera (!!!):Yeah, I know. I wanted to see how it would be at Disney if I was to port my digi-cam. The photos I took ended up 50/50 good/blurry...but still may be feasible for at least the 1/2 marathon.

Anyways, I ran the first couple miles slow, but the kicker in me just had to take the last mile faster than my body was honestly happy with... and I ended up with a 22-something, which didn't make much of difference since 3rd in my age group required a sub 19:40 (which would've been a PR).

The best part about running with a camera was not having to walk all the way to the car before taking more pictures of the event. I did get a lot of photos of people I knew (more than they'd probably care for (sorry)), and I've spent the last three hours sorting and editing the photos... and trimmed the collection from 167 to 91.

Anyways, here I'm just going to post a few more pictures from the event:

     Kelly, Steve, and Me
     The Beach
     The Obligatory Inappropriate Car Photo

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