Sunday, December 10, 2006

RUN: 7 miles, Wickham Park, @8:00/mile

Due to the chilly-ness of 7:00am Saturday, Paul and I decided to move our Sunday run to 8:30am, which worked out well since I slept through my alarms anyways and woke up at 8:05a.

We did the mile loop inside Wickham Park then did the 4-mile perimeter loop then cooled down with a couple more mile loops in the park. We ran the first 5 miles in 41-minutes flat... so pretty much an 8-min mile pace, which was very nice since we had anticipated only running 9:30s.

During our cool down, I came out with Paul. I knew that it was going to be a non-issue because Paul's a worldly guy and just plain cool like that. And we headed over to Sonic's afterwards. I had a breakfast sandwich (bacon, egg, cheese), some tater tots, and a large (LARGE!) strawberry slush. Friggin' so good.

So now, in the time before I head over to the Henegar Center for my friend's holiday sing-and-dance "Making Spirits Bright" performance, I'm finishing up laundry, catching up on blogs, putting together a package for my little sister, and finally putting together the flex spend claim reimbursement form... (did that take you out of the moment like it did me?... tmi in another direction...)

Anyways, endorphins flowing, and I'm fed, and I actually didn't procrastinate my post-run shower... so I'm fresh and so clean clean. Okay, getting to it! Lata y'all.

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