Friday, January 26, 2007

MOVIE: Babel

I did it. I really did it. I actually got out of the house and went to see Babel.

Babel is a substantial film. It is an ensemble piece that takes place on three continents -- an American couple in Morocco, their children and Mexican nanny in San Diego, and a deaf-mute Japanese girl. As the name suggests, the major theme of the movie is communication/miscommunication -- many languages represented, and many instances where these means collide.

The multiple threads of the story were handled very skillfully. The story wasn't revealed linearly, and in its juggling of the three major storyline, there was enough time given to each in turn to properly develop the characters and feelings.

The movie made the American/US "system" to be an antagonizing force (I kind of enjoyed looking in the border-crossing booth and seeing pictures of the president and vice-president on the wall) but this portrayal wasn't blatant or overblown.

Communication. Miscommunication. People needing help. People needing people. People needing _________.

I enjoyed the film and am glad that I went to go see it. It was also my first time at the Cobb theatre at the Merritt Island Mall. I drove home with the radio off.

Babel is definitely more Oscar-worthy than The Queen and Little Miss Sunshine (and I suspect that the people on the LMS bandwagon haven't seen Babel). I haven't seen The Departed and Letters From Iwo Jima are still on my hit-list. I'll probably watch The Departed and Pan's Labyrinth this weekend, along with The Last King of Scotland and Letters.

As of last weekend, I've seen all of the Best Actress nominees, and my ranking of the five nominees are as follows:
                      1. Helen Mirren (The Queen)
                      2. Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada)
                      3. Judi Dench (Notes On A Scandal)
                      4. Penelope Cruz (Volver)
                      5. Kate Winslet (Little Children)

And as of tonight, I've seen all five of the Best Supporting Actress nominees. Here's how I'm currently ranking them:
                      1. Jennifer Hudson
                      2. Adriana Barraza
                      3. Rinko Kikuchi
                      4. Abigail Breslin
                      5. Cate Blanchett

I really do have to say that Adriana Barraza is going to give Jennifer Hudson a big run for her money. Both Actress fields are extremely strong.

Anyways, that's my "quick" review of the film. I'm going to bed.

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