Saturday, January 27, 2007

MOVIE: Children of Men

I did it again...

Another late night movie. This time, it was the 10:35pm Children of Men showing at the Rave, just down the road. And instead of just six people, as was the case last night, there were perhaps a full dozen. And a pair of chatterboxes in front of me... no matter because SO not worth it and I just phased them out.

Anyways, Children of Men, near-future apocalyptic story of a world where women are infertile and the world at constant war with England being the only nation remaining and left to fight off refugees. The movie follows Clive Owen's character as he gets recruited by a former lover, a leader of a rebel group, to escort a "miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea".

The movie was contemporary/futuristic, set in 2027, and it reminded me of 28 Days Later/Equilibrium/AI/Black Hawk Down. It's up for three Academy Awards: Cinematography, Editing, and Adapted Screenplay. I'm not sure about the Adapted Screenplay, but I'd concur with the Cinematography and Editing. I'm not sure if I particularly liked it... it isn't the 8.2/10, #159 in's top 250... I think that the execution of the story could have been improved upon. Halfway through, I noticed how the minor characters had "exits" seemingly already planned for each of them -- something to anticipate, at least.

Children of men was different from Babel in that Children of Men is a fantasy film, the story's motivation is goal-oriented and is presented as a single story thread. I couldn't recognize the purpose of the film... except that it was perhaps another portrayal of how unreasonable people are nowadays with all the fighting/conflict, and how we as a whole are missing the point.

Anyways, throughout the entire film, I couldn't help but picture my friend Paul, who looks like Clive Owen. Random, I know. It's past 1am again, and I think that I'm going to go get my oil changed tomorrow. Random, I know.

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Cinonymous said...

How are you a student?

Cedric said...

I didn't notice that either until I scanned the ticket. I had bought my ticket at the same time as a large group of "older-ish" (i.e, non-tweenie) students/kids/tweens bought theirs. Yay, that saved me $2.