Saturday, January 27, 2007

MOVIE: The Departed

This afternoon, I went to go see The Departed at the local Rave Motion Pictures:

It was... good. Martin Scorsese should really stick to the streets and not attempt period pieces -- The Aviator and Gangs Of New York were PAINFUL, but this movie wasn't badly directed. Does he deserve Best director?... Meh, it's still a toss-up between him and Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel). Best picture? I'm hoping not because, like Chicago, I have to ask: What was the point? I don't think that I took anything away from the movie. The story was good (adapted from a Japanese film) and acting was good (if you could get over the Boston accents on non-Boston actors), and the violence got a little ridiculous at the end.

In ADHD news, Leo did pretty good in this film, but part of it was that whenever he was on screen, I was thinking about Eric Dane:

Also, Anthony Anderson? My mind went from "Gritty Drama" to Kangaroo Jack:

What the hell, indeed.

The person that made up for Mr. AA, was James Badge Dale:

He only had a small role, but he reminded me of my guy - except with dark hair and a slightly-receding hairline (yeah, who am I to talk?... I know!).

Okay, so I'll admit that The Departed did deserve its Best Picture nod. I would be sad (but not surprised) if it won. I'm still rooting for Babel, with Letter From Iwo Jima still to be seen (tomorrow?).

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Cinonymous said...

Did you actually watch Kangaroo Jack?

Cedric said...

OMG, no. I would probably lombodomize myself if I did.