Saturday, January 27, 2007

RUN: ~4.5 miles @37:20, Home <--> Avenue

Okay, there's the sweaty picture of me for the day. My hair's getting long. I'm considering shaving it all off (ala Top Chef's Ilan and Elia).

Anyways, I ran from home to the Avenue, did a large inner-loop, then I ran around the back of the big main square. I felt like I was running 8:00 to 8:30 mile pace, and guessed 4 1/2 miles. Once I got back to the house, I looked at my watch, and it pretty much concurred. Yay. Go me.

I ran with the thin black asics shorts, long-sleeved while TLH XC shirt, the state champion sweat shirt, and (for the first couple miles) the orange-ish nike cap. I also had the runner's light attached on my front of my collar.

I ran without stretching beforehand, but I started off easy. I didn't stop. That's one thing that I'm proud about. After this afternoon's visit to the Avenue, and walking (sashay-ing) around until my legs/knees felt aching (due to un-natural/un-normal form), I'm glad that my paranoia of running today was unfounded.

Self control. I have to mention it again. I need to trust in running as a form of releasing energy. I have to remember, recognize, realize that I'm going to get an endorphin high no matter if I run good or bad.

I also have to try to get to the shower within a friggin' hour of finishing... because I tend to get distracted and then marinade, which can lead to baby-rashing (boo).

So it's go go go.

It's only 9:13pm right now... gotta blog The Departed (watched it this afternoon), then shower, then perhaps back out to catch the 10:30p Pan's Labyrinth up in Merritt Island.

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