Sunday, January 28, 2007

MOVIE: Pan's Labyrinth

Emily was right. Pan's Labyrinth was harder to watch than The Departed. The story was good... very good. It was just so graphic. A lot of times I was covering my ears and squinting my eyes. I'm starting to really appreciate Little Miss Sunshine as a nominee now. OMG, this weekend has just been a lot of heavy on the graphic killings. At least it wasn't as a cop-out device.

Pan's Labyrinth was a lot different than I really thought it was going to be. I feel like Dakota Fanning when she was auditioning for the role of Ofelia... thinking it would be some sort of Alice in Wonderland. OMG, this movie was heavy. I want to go see Volver again now.

I really don't think that I can handle Letters From Iwo Jima tomorrow. I miss my guy. I want to hold him in my arms if nothing else.

Four movies in three days. I'm spent. I'm not going to be able to wake up for practice early tomorrow morning. I think I'm heading to the office whenever I do wake up. Either that, or a frivolous trip to Orlando, perhaps to the teahouse. More likely work though.

Okay, time for bed.

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