Sunday, January 21, 2007

RUN: ~5 miles @ 46:30, Home <--> Carrabba's

I did a mid-day run of 5 miles from home to Carrabbas on Wickham & back. Yeah, it was sunny, but it was also a much needed run in the sun. It was one of those in-the-meantime sort of runs... something to do until I decide what to do next. It was suggested by a friend, so points to him. :)

I wore a gray, sleeveless, compression shirt and my clemson sports shorts and an orange nike hat that would both block some sun rays and wick-away some sweat.

After getting home, I made a breakfast meal and some pasta:
And this is in addition to the kabobs I made and the apple pie a la mode that was YUM YUM!:

Okay, now I've gotta get out of here and head in the general direction of work... :)

3 comment(s):

Cinonymous said...

Did you eat all of that in one sitting? Yikes!

Poker and Euchre said...

Look at all that food! Unclonymous, you're our hero!

Cedric said...

Oh, the second set of food pics were from yesterday. I didn't eat all that in one sitting, but I did have other (non-pictured) (leftover) foods that I did eat along with. Speaking of which, I have Chinese Soup and Roasted Pot/Cat pics to post...