Sunday, January 21, 2007


Much needed vent...

I was sitting in the movie theatre waiting for the movie to start... it was about 15 miuntes late before they started the previews, then up comes the beginning of Arthur and the Invisibles?... W.T.F?!

Oh, I was raging. After leaving the house promptly to catch the 4:30pm showing of Pan's Labyrinth, after waiting in their eff-ing concessions line with people cutting in front of me, after being asked if I minded that there were going to be subtitles, I went into a pitch dark movie theatre, sat in a chair with freakin' trash in it, moved to another chair only to have people freakin' sitting RIGHT next to me even though there's plenty of seats everywhere else..., watched slideshow advertisements for 15 minutes, another 10 minutes of commercials, 5 minutes of previews, then the first 2 minutes of ALL-ENGLISH freakin' Arthur and the Invisibles? F.

Something clicked, and I was ready to throw things. I could have been at work instead getting stuff done. I could have been at home working on photos or at Wal-Mart printing those photos. I got a refund for the ticket, but nothing for all the time that they wasted... nothing more than a meaningless Sorry by a lowly employee. It eff-ing sucked, and now I'm all frazzled and angry.

I know that something like this really shouldn't get me down so much, but I don't know... I'm seriously needing a big hug right now. I need someone to tell me that everything's alright. This is the hardest thing to handle.


It's another movie theatre boycott for me... Cinemaworld for their redneck clientele, and now Oak's for their incompetent employees. Looks like it'd down to just the Rave now (I do like their midnight showings) or driving to Orlando again.

I need a hug.

UPDATE: after speaking with my friend Paul, I'm a little better. I just needed someone to empathize with me a bit. And I now realize that it really isn't the end of the world. Paul suggested that I head over to Disney like I really want to, but I checked the operation hours and MK's only open til 8pm. :( At least it's a clear choice.

Well, I'm not getting a WHOLE lot done at work yet, so out of the 4-5 hours I'll be here, I'll count only about 2-3. Boo. I'm still needing something to fight off the inswell feeling of depression from the botched attempt at a movie... (Oh, this is why I don't go out to movies very much... at least to movies here in Melbourne... idiots).

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Cinonymous said...

They put on the wrong movie? Were you the only person there?

Inconceivably incompetent.

Poker and Euchre said...

We're number 400. Woo Hoo!

Cedric said...

They didn't put on the wrong movie. Just in my haste, I didn't see what ticket the cashier gave me and ended up in the right wrong theatre. I would say that I was 20% at fault, but SHE was WAY OFF for giving me the wrong ticket after prompted me about subtitles -- Pan's Labyrinth is in Spanish, Arthur and the Invisibles is in English.

McSutton said...

Pan's Labyrinth is a little visually confronting so see it when you are more relaxed... I give it 8/10, although I'm not big on blood and guts.