Monday, January 29, 2007

WORK: I need home and happy news...

...or a hug. Today's been really really rough. My code is now becoming an over-grown monster. Then there's a massive load of code to review. Another set to test.

I'm under-rested and over-caffinated and under-fed.

Maybe I need some sun... a walk around the lake.

The day is moving fast, but is that really a good thing?

I feel like I'm WAY past the deadline for the friggin' MySQL script fix.


Then it's a meeting up in Cocoa after work (... at least there's an end to it).

And it looks like a lot of driving to be done this week.

I should prepare my mind/body to go into shut down mode.

At least there's something good waiting for me at home in the fridge.

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Cinonymous said...

At least you're healthy. I came home at noon. Sick. Sore throat and body aches (probably from 3 hours at gym yesterday). Theraflu in a mug feels good on throat but makes you drowsy - at work and while driving.

Just woke up from a 4 hour nap to drink more Theraflu. Another short nap, then I'll head to the gym to run.



and **kisses** from Poker and **enthusiastic sniffing** from Euchre

Poker and Euchre said...

Woof woof! Uncle Cedric is coming to visit!