Wednesday, February 14, 2007

JOURNAL: I have a belly.

No... there aren't going to be any pictures of me today. I ate A LOT, and I'm a little red in the face because of some juice concentrate. For Valentine's day, I bought myself clam chowder and oyster crackers - and I used a coupon!

Tonight I ate as I watched 2 episodes of Due South. And now I'm writing this quick blog before I finish listening to Andy Trudeau's evaluation of the first two Best Score nominees (link) then head to bed.

Nothing much else tonight... I'm putting off the Vancouver Pictures Project for a night... I'm SO tired, and I need to let the food digest - I SO have a belly now, and my pushing it at running practice could be playing a part in the jostled GI I've had this week (tmi?). I also need to do laundry and wash my bedsheets... it's been a while.

I tried to gchat with mom at 12:30am this morning/last night, but I don't think that she knows how to use it, but still... I was FIRST! We traded emails a few times throughout the day but only after calling dad and leaving him a voicemail did I realize that I had forgotten to call her! It's too late tonight. She's waking up at 4am to drive dad back to Columbia. I'll call her tomorrow afternoon.

I talked to Cindy while I was at work. She and the bullies were snowed in at home. Cute cute pictures at their bullog (<-- Click. I love the pictures of Euchre sleeping!). And tonight I talked with Camille. Sounds like she's having a nice dinner at home with her guy. What was extrememly weird/funny/scary was that they both got mom a "Cover: Happy Birthday/Valentine's Day From Your Smarted/Most Talented Child -- Inside: What do you mean which one?!" card. Now, I have to send her a "Cover: Happy Belated Birthday/Valentine's Day From Your Favorite Child -- Inside: What do you mean which one?!" card to send with the VPP album.

Anyways, a few online videos and the rest of the scores, then it's off to bed. By midnight!

Happy Valentine's Day. <3 :) <-- that's a heart and a smiley, not someone getting t-bagged.

4 comment(s):

Poker and Euchre said...

Poker has a belly too! --Euchre

Not funny (but true) --Poker

Gluttonymous said...

I had takeout lunch special from the chinese place.

...okay, I had two.

Cinonymous said...


I guess somebody won't be getting mom the same card.

Cedric said...

Me fail Engrish? That's unpossible.