Sunday, February 11, 2007

JOURNAL: Sunday Sunday Sunday

What to do? There's just so much ToDo.

The morning session has consisted of making stuffed mushrooms, ironing clothes, cleaning up the bedroom, and watching both Stick It and The Black Dahlia.

I'm about to get the Vancouver Picture Project moved along, then either going shopping (Avenue) or going to the office. Hmmm...

But I'm likely to get distracted by working on updating my racing calendar...

UPDATE 2:10 PM - okay, so I haven't gotten around to the VPP. As predicted, I got distracted and did manage to update my racing record/schedule. Check it out! :)

Now for some food then work on the VPP.

UPDATE 9:57 PM - pictures are ordered! I didn't end up going to work, but that's okay. I got some shopping done and went for a run with Paul. I ate well, and now I'm finishing up a couple of things before I take a quick nap. *wink wink* :)

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