Monday, February 12, 2007

RUN: 2 miles + some walkings w/Fravel

Last night I ran with my friend Paul. I was supposed to call him mid-afternoon, but I forgot. I was busy planning other things, and that takes an amazing long time (really, where does the time go?!).

Anyways, we only ran a couple miles, then did a couple loops inside his neighborhood, but that was good enough. My stomach wasn't feeling very good... and it still doesn't feel good. I'm not sure if it's stress, "unclean" food, or having worn compression shirts for the past couple days; at Tiger Dash, I was pushing myself pretty hard and serious would have thrown up had I eaten something that morning.

It was also a bit chilly outside, and this morning, I've been having abdominal pains, and general malaise, but I've gotta keep working... gotta keep working. I wrote up my weekly schedule, and though it's a "short" week, I've got something after work and meetings during lunch for each day of the week.

I need some time to heal.

Anyways, perhaps I need a smoothie and a walk-around the lake...

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Poker and Euchre said...

You need to pet the doggies!

Signed, the Doggies