Monday, February 12, 2007

RUN: TRS update

I just checked the webpage for the Titusville Racing Series, and the updated results show me in 12th place, which currently equates to $25! But I know that I shouldn't get excited yet because my standings are primarily due to the fact that I've run all 3 races so far -- of "those" people, I'm 12th out of 13 *shrug*. There are three people who only ran 2 of the races and who are likely to pass me in the standings should they run the last two races... so this is going to be quite suspenseful.

Anyways, there's no real chance for me in the SCR series, and though I really shouldn't let that make a big difference in my participation, but the money factor now takes precedent, and I'm cutting down on my race registrations... I've gotta put in the training before I go back to competing so heavily. I'm in the "I'm running for fun" stage of my up-and-down training...

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