Tuesday, February 13, 2007

JOURNAL: TV on the Computer

Okay, so I haven't totally kicked the TV habit. I watched a lot of tv on my computer last night. After the running club meeting, I got home around 9:00 PM and went to the computer to type up the minutes (didn't want that on my head for days as beforetimes). In the background, I watched/listened to 1) The Apprentice, 2) Lost, 3) Desperate Housewives, and 4) Grey's Anatomy -- each available at the major networks' website.

Yes, that's a lot of tv. But I did manage to git-'er-done. It's just before, I wasn't able to work and watch tv at home because 1) I don't have a laptop, and 2) splitting the Brighthouse cable input between the tv and a computer has given me issues many-a-times before.

Now, I'm thinking that I should update my video card and get a second flat-panel monitor, so I can have an expanded desktop... but that'd be spoiling. I'm still holding off on buying an iPod because I'm undecided as to what size/flavor I want-versus-need.

I just need to think: "flexible" and "resourceful"... and with the idea of "minimizing my footprint" because I have a whole lot of crap in my house; and the recent purgings (to charity and to trash) have produced a sense of relief each time... to know that I don't "need this", that I can live "without that"... I feel less tied down, and more mobile, which is how I would envision as myself as being successful... that, plus owning 1) a car with a sunroof, and 2) a front-loading washer and dryer.

Anyways, work's been really busy, but that's good because 1) I'm asking for help more when I need it, 2) it makes the day go by much faster, and 3) for the past few days, I've been getting a little sense of accomplishment each time I come in.

So, with no race scheduled for this weekend, I'm thinking Disney (EPCOT and maybe one of the resorts) on Friday, then housework (incl. some cooking!) on Saturday and/or Sunday.

The weather's supposed to be rough tonight (for practice - mile repeats) and tomorrow, but I'm in no rush. I have stuff to keep me occupied. Plus, I could use an extra hour of rest here-and-there if offered.

Okay, from one meeting to another to another... later. :)

3 comment(s):

Cinonymous said...

So when does the inline marathon training begin?

Waiting the return of the top 3!

Anonymous said...

So those online shows are working for you after all.

Cedric said...

I went to gay skate a couple weeks ago. Does that count? And are 7-minute miles really that hard?

Not sure when the Top 3s will return. Maybe it'll be a monthly Top 10, but that'd require a lot of thinking back, etc.

Online shows rule!