Sunday, February 24, 2008

FRIENDS: Tea House Photoshoot

This Saturday, a photographer from Budget Travel stopped by the teahouse to take pictures for their upcoming "25 Reasons I Love Orlando" article. He was cute. Anyways, I was feeling self-conscious about my desire to be shameless in documenting the event, so I only managed one photoshoot pic:

The photographer really liked Jen Mak (... really liked Jen Mak).

I like Jen Mak too:

But I really like the Yellow Curry Chicken Salad + Roast Beef + Thousand Island & Onions on Wheat sandwich I made (mmmm... *drool drool*):

The photographer took so many pictures of JM, that after he left, he remembered that he needed a picture of Pom, so here's the Tea Crew filling that order via cell phone:

Anyways, I think that I did a pretty good job with the photos I took bef and af. Here's the gang:

Myrna (with Jen Mak growing out of her shoulder)

Danny in thought

Andrew (i.e., 'Andrew's freakishly long arm')

Me! (can't remember who took the picture)

and Pom (she's speacial)


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