Thursday, February 28, 2008

RUN: 5.9 miles @48:24, Home<-LL->WM+PL+East, Viera, FL

[and 'Satellite'-version HERE]

It was Cold tonight, so I ran in a sweatshirt. I also ran with music (the oscar-edition of fresh air), body glide, and old running shoes.

I started off slow and easy, not worrying about time -- my right shin was hurting a little bit -- and the pain went away. Then as the run continued, my right knee started to send me signals (probably because of the old shoes), but I managed.

I wasn't sure how far I was going to run so just ran where I felt like running. I ended up some parking lots then to the angled loop off of Wickham then added more distance once I got back to the WalMart light.

Anyways, the last mile felt motivated and I ran that without too much extra "effort", and ended up with a circa 8-minute/mile pace, which is awesome for what I imagined.

When I got home, I took a LOT of pictures just to get a couple good ones -- and my back ached afterwards from all the jumping. Then I drove back to WalMart (me still sweaty and nasty) because there were some photos I needed to pick up.

At the store, while doing some extra shopping, I got complimented -- "I like your shorts" (which were almost completely hidden by my sweatshirt) -- then cat-called half-a-moment from the next aisle over -- "Jackie Chan in short shorts!". It was something that could be taken a couple ways. But, eh *shrug*. I figured that I had brought amusement to someone. Plus I was wholly comfortable with myself, owning up to my quirks. Anywho...

That's about it. Now it's seriously time for bed. I've got a long day tomorrow -- I'm going to try to put my free one-day Disney pass to excellent use. (woo!)

Here are tonight's pics:

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