Saturday, March 29, 2008

EVENT: OGC "Diva By Diva"

Tonight, I went to the Orlando Gay Chorus's performance of their "Diva By Diva" program at the Plaza Theatre.

For the show, I met up with my friend Rick:

beer goes in the mouth

As one of the season ticket holders, I was among those let into theatre before the huge crowd. And I got us good seats in front of a couple ladies (actual ladies) who talked the Entire time.

please turn off cell phones and Shut Your Yappers!

Still, we managed to enjoy the show and have a gay ole time.

(not actual ladies)

The show was wonderful. I liked how it had many levels of action/distraction: The chorus, the conductor, the dancers, the drag queens, the emcee, the american sign language interpreters... and all at once -- joys for the ADHD (ooo, shiny!). And the chorus, costumes, choreography were cute, cute, cute!

"horus" indeed

we're all pretty in pink

Afterwards, Rick and I found Peaches, and I got my picture taken with him:

say "peaches!" :)

Then we called it a night.     :)

The OGC's next performance will be their "C'mon Get Happy... Showing Our Pride" concert on June 21st & 22nd. I hope that MOM can come for a visit that weekend and watch that show. I know she'd love it!

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