Saturday, March 29, 2008

JOURNAL: Orlando Recap

On Saturday, I went to Orlando to go outlet-mall shopping (use up some Banana Republic gift cards) and to go see the OGC's "Diva By Diva" concert.

I woke up relatively late that morning and made some breakfast before heading out... no rushing.

First, I headed up to Pom's to pick up my coupons and to visit the pugs. Each time I see Mushu and Chandler, they are more well-behaved.

... and more photo-friendly!

While there, I washed a few dishes, and the boys just liked being near.

Next, I headed out but gave my friend Herb a call and made a visit.

He's always working on an art project of sorts.
he's very creative

And it's always nice to see his backyard garden -- it's a lot of work.
clean and beautiful

And it's always nice and helpful to talk with him. He's one of my friends who keep me sane.

Then, it was mid-afternoon, and I had to head out if I were to get back in time for the OGC show.

I drove to the Premiere Outlets. They're in the process of adding more stores where there used to be a parking lot, so the area was even more congested than usual. Luckily, there was a parking garage (who knew?).

I didn't take any picture in the outlet mall itself, but here's some pics from the breezeway to/from the parking garage (click to make bigger):

Anyways, asides from the crowds, it was a good day for shopping. At the Disney store there, I got several Champion-brand athletic pants from the 08 Marathon for $5 each (orig. $40 each), and then at Banana Republic, I picked up four polo shirts (orig. $25 each) for $2.31 Total! (after 15% coupon and $25 worth of gift cards). I did gooood.

I then headed into rush hour traffic back up to downtown. I dropped off some photos at the tea house then went over to Pom's to change for the OGC performance, which I cover in a separate post; to read it, click HERE (or you could also probably just scroll down).

Anyways, it was a busy day in Orlando for a late start. It was a nice variety of locales and activities, and I was glad that I managed it with a more-relaxed outlook. I'll probably still need a full Melbourne weekend to recover from the many trips over, but that's natural and good.

Until next time, :) Orlando.

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