Sunday, March 16, 2008

FOOD: Asian Bistro Restaurant, Orlando, FL


This weekend, I went to go see Pom, and she took me out to the Asian Bistro Restauant, on the Asian corridor that is Colonial near Mills. She's eaten there before; it was my first time. The outside of the restaurant looked kinda trashy had room for improvement but and the inside was clean and pretty.

And that morning, we were there to have dim sum, and man, did we have dim sum:

(another view)

I thought that the Dim Sum wasn't as good as the other two nearby Dim Sum restaurants I've eaten at -- most of the food was on the warm-to-cold side and most lacked a taste. Actually, there was one item that was warm and was very tasty, but I probably couldn't point it out in a visual lineup. Anyways, the setting was good, but the food wasn't great. *meh*

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