Thursday, March 13, 2008

JOURNAL: Army Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I had joined the army. And I did so without telling anyone in my family. And it was a good dream. There was a summer-camp feeling with a brotherhood mentality and a sense of responsibility and duty... a collective sense of purpose. Also in the dream, I was chastised by commanders during a surprise inspection of living quarters, but I was fine with it knowing that their intentions were good.

I relayed the dream to a couple friends, which pointed out some themes: 1) the desire to be told what to do, 2) the need to escape from external pressures, and 3) a call to focus on tasks one-at-a-time.

I think that each of these points are valid. I do desire more explicit direction during the course of the day (being commanded). I do sometimes feel like I just need to get away (not telling family members). And I do need to move away from [the ultimately less productive] multi-tasking (serving the army as my single purpose).

And I remember that the brotherhood was a big draw. There wasn't any sexual tension either, just a camaraderie from having the same goal to serve. The innocence of it was probably just a reflection of the naiveté I wish I could possess and maintain, though the practical side of focusing on the right thing also has a place.

Also, joining the army could also be a metaphor for dropping what I'm currently doing and taking a risk with my life's direction... but that's for another session.

Anywyas, the dream was very interesting (to me, at least), and maybe there'll be a continuation one of these coming nights.

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